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A group of people wearing green shirts planting trees in a park.

Volunteering at Sandwell Valley Country Park

Volunteers are a vital part of keeping Sandwell Valley Country Park open for our visitors. Growing, developing and preserving the conservation and heritage of our open spaces and building is essential. There are many ways to volunteer where we will give you the training and support you need to thrive. Volunteers can be as young as 16 (14 if volunteering with a responsible adult) and up to any age.

A diverse group of people making pizza at a table, engaging in a hands-on learning experience at Forge Mill Farm.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Meeting other like minded people, making new friends.
  • Improving the lives of our animals, and of other people.
  • Helping look after our wildlife, gardens, and our animals.
  • Keeping active – proven to improve physical and mental health.
  • Volunteering with others, including family members.
  • Learning new skills and doing things that you love.

“Volunteering at Forge Mill Farm has given me the chance to help lambs be born and have a completely different and unique experience from my day job!”

Three people working on a path in the sun.

Forge Mill Farm Volunteer
What You Will Commit To

  • A minimum of 6 hours per month, for at least 12 months.
  • Attend our Volunteer Training Session which will include Health and Safety, key information, and specific training for your volunteer role.
  • Sign our Volunteer Engagement Agreement – which includes ways of working, and what is expected from each other.
  • Flexibility – where possible – to volunteer at other green spaces, museums, and destination sites in Sandwell.
  • Champion Sandwell, our residents, and our mission.

What You Will Get

  • Training in basic health and safety and the specific training you need to volunteer for your role.
  • New friends, skills, memories and the giving feel good factor.
  • Volunteering enables you to gain valuable work experience for future job roles or to entre higher education.
  • Unique behind the scenes experience of Forge Mill Farm
A family enjoying a day out at Forge Mill Farm, petting a goat. Visit the farm for interactive activities, play barn, and beautiful views.
A woman cradles a baby lamb in her arms, showcasing the nurturing aspect of volunteering roles.

Volunteering Roles

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