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Farmer/Ranger for
the Day

Get your wellies on and get stuck in! Learn and work with our farmers or rangers for the day. We can tailor your visit to the needs of your group. From mucking out to fencing and horse grooming to lambing, follow the seasons and see what it’s like to work in the Green Sector.This is an exciting opportunity for schools wanting to offer AQA Unit Award Scheme, Horticulture and Animal Care BTECs and the new Agriculture Land Management and Production T-Levels. Ask about weekly/ bi-weekly visits to build on practical learning each week and contribute to work experience requirements. We can even help with assessments, technical knowledge and teaching.

Topics Covered on the Day Include

Food production and provenance

Nutrition and healthy eating

Types of food

Product creation and tasting

Food standards and labelling

Curriculum Check

KS3, KS4 & KS5

AQA Unit Award Scheme, Horticulture, School-based Animal Care BTECs , Agriculture Land Management and production T-Levels. SEND Groups, Learn to Work Groups, Alternative provision groups