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Aerial view of a large green field and river with farm trail & interactions.

Farm trail &

Animal Barns

Meet the animals in our 2 purpose built barns which are dry in winter and cool in the summer so you can meet and feed the animals whatever the weather. Our first animal barn, the Experience Barn, is also where our are different breeds of sheep come to have their lambs during the spring. Our brand new animal pens in the Experience Barn and the Winter Quarters make it easy for our animals to say hello to everybody including toddlers and wheelchair users. Make sure you grab a bag of animal food or two at the entrance to feed the animals on your way round- just £1 a bag and don’t forget to wash your hands when leaving an animal contact zone.

A family enjoying a day out at Forge Mill Farm, petting a goat. Visit the farm for interactive activities, play barn, and beautiful views.

Farm Trail

Our 500m long farm trail, new in 2022, has seen our farm double in size! Meet more animals including our 4 cheeky alpacas, sonny the horse and rocky the pony as well as our pigs in the woods and of course more goats! In the winter, half of the animals come back into the barns to allow our paddocks to rest for the following year. You will see the right hand side of the trail will look empty this winter but the beatles, worms and insects are hard at work cleaning up the paddocks ready for the animals to return in the spring. Don’t worry, all the animals are still here, they are just keeping dry in the winter quarters!

People walking on a path near a farm, surrounded by lush greenery and the beauty of nature.
A diverse group of people sitting on hay bales in a barn at the Discovery Barn, a versatile space for food and farming events.

Discovery Barn

New in 2023 the discovery barn is a place to try some new or watch a demonstration and learn more about food and farming. During events, you’ll find this barn is transformed to match the seasons, whether it’s an indoor pumpkin patch or lit up for Christmas there’s always something different going on in the discovery barn.

A tractor pulling a trailer through a field during a farm tour, showcasing seasonal interactions and demonstrations.

Seasonal Interactions

Throughout the year we have a programme of interactions and demonstrations, these change with the seasons and are a great way to learn more about food and farming! On the day, check out the interactions board or ask a member of the team what’s going on. Here are some examples of things on offer throughout the year on selected weeks/days:

  • Meet the chicks
  • Meet the dads
  • Goat milking demonstration
  • Butter making and Wheat grinding
  • Pony bath time/grooming demonstration
  • Tractor and trailer rides around the farm, just £2 a person
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